Training for everyone

Let's imagine you're a business owner of a mid-sized company. You've read the reports and you know mandatory time-off is a great idea for your employees. You decide to change the company's vacation policy to require all employees take their vacation time. Instead of sending a memo about it, you log into TAPS.

In TAPs, you create a new track (in TAPs, tracks are lessons or policies) and add a title: “Mandatory Vacation Time.”

You write a little blurb explaining the new policy change and decide to add a test at the end to make sure your employees understand that they absolutely, 100% need to use up their vacation time before Q1.

Five minutes later you're finished setting up the track and distribute it staff wide. Each employee uses their unique TAPs login (which you can edit and monitor with your administrator login) and complete the course, and they all pass with flying colors; easy, efficient, and clear.

TAPS for business-

Training for Business

Businesses large and small can implicate TAPs to ensure continuity within the organization.  TAPs can consolidate all business policies in a single location that's easy to update and alter if the need arises while offering a user-friendly experience to the employees.

TAPs supports video or text based lessons, speeding up the onboard process of new employees considerably. A new employee can be given a TAPs login and assigned several lessons about company policy, the product they'll be working on and even the company dress code. Once the course requirements are met, they'll be ready to start work, and you'll be able to refer them back to TAPS for any policy-related questions.

TAPS is also ideal for businesses who work with remote or distributed locations. Since the tracks and instruction are all available online, businesses don't need to worry about scheduling (or rescheduling) the training around employee's different locations or schedules.

TAPS ensures legal compliance through its monitoring and tracking capabilities. Having proper documentation that an employee did in fact read the unexcused absence policy will be invaluable in legal proceedings should they arise.

TAPS for educators-

Training for teachers

TAPS gives educators several powerful tools to cut down on administrative work. An instructor can create a track for a class, split it into multiple instances depending on how many classes they have, and then assign each instance to the particular class, all without leaving TAPS. Once it is set up, it can be used over and over again, or updated quickly across all instances if the need arises. Educators can also monitor participation and engagement through the TAPS data suite.

TAPs allows educators to administer tests and quizzes natively in the program. It will even derive the test score, so long as they are not open ended questions. Since many people taking courses online have other responsibilities, TAPs offers flexible scheduling for lessons and quizzes. If an individual wishes to take a course around their day job, whatever the hour may be, TAPs is available 24/7

TAPs for volunteers-

Training for teachers

Organizations that rely on volunteers can have all the policy requirements of a business without the reliability of a consistent workforce. TAPs mitigates that issue by allowing lessons to be taken offsite and at their convenience.

TAPs is particularly valuable for organizations that are legally required to train their volunteers. A quick glance at the TAPs data suite will inform any organization if the volunteer is qualified to serve soup, or if they need keep loading the trucks.

TAPs for government-

Training for Government

TAPs features powerful monitoring and tracking statistics for employees, allowing an agency to provide a thorough list of who has been trained on what and when. Check if all employees are certified to compliance at a glance or if they have yet to meet certain requirements.  As new policies are enacted, administering them is as simple as updating a file and clicking 'send.'

TAPS for students-

Training for Students

Students are given a unique login and password by the TAPS administrator providing the instruction. Students are able to log in and see all the lessons they are participating in, they can check whether or not they have watched or read the lessons, and they can see their scores on any previous quizzes or tests.