Compliance & Testing

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Tracking & Testing Employee Familiarity With Company Policies

Providing solid proof that all employees have received the training required by law for their position is a simple process when using TAPS. The program gives administrators the ability to create lessons on any topic they wish, from HIPPA regulations to OSHA requirements for workplace safety. The lessons can be videos, pictures or documents, whatever best suits the needs of the trainee. After the lesson has been created, TAPS can track when the employee took the training, how they scored on the test after, and if they meet minimum requirements.

Through the system's friendly user interface, it is easy to see at a glance which employees have completed all required training and which ones still have work to do. New hires will be trained quickly and efficiently and their progress can be easily tracked, eliminating the risk that their training falls through the cracks.

TAPS compliance and testing is also useful for tracking new or updated company policies. As policy changes need to be made, administrators can quickly log into the system and implement them, then send them to the employees affected by the change. The administrator can then see who has viewed the policy change and which employees have not. This data can be tracked and submitted to any curious government bodies eager to ensure compliance with regulations.

The data made available by TAPS is extensive and provides coverage for the business in the event of a lawsuit or government audit. Proving that an employee was properly trained is as simple as looking up their TAPS profile and viewing when they were given access to the training, when they took the training, and the score they received on the test afterwards.

The lessons also speed up the new employee orientation process considerably. New hires can be given their own login for TAPS and take courses designed by their predecessors to get them up to speed quickly. Learn more about how TAPS improves onboarding here.