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staff training

Track Processes, Update Best-Practices and Speed Up Employee Onboarding

It is the nature of business that employees move on to new opportunities; people retire, or move to a new state or decide to go back to school. Hiring someone new to take on the responsibilities of a veteran employee can be difficult, but TAPS makes it easier with the “lessons” function the software provides.

When someone gives their two weeks notice, they can be put to work in TAPS, documenting the processes and systems they use for their position. They can record video of themselves demonstrating the processes for more technical jobs, or they can write descriptions of their processes as needed. Onboarding becomes a simple matter after that: new employees are given their own login and password with access to the videos or documents created by their predecessor. From there, they can learn at their own pace and go back and review the processes if ever they need to.

These lessons allow a business more time to find a qualified replacement: there's no longer a rush to get a new person in so the departing employee can train them. The system allows the training to happen when most convenient, regardless of when the departing employee's last day is. The same principle holds true for internal promotions: a manager leaving can create a series of lessons for the person rising to the new opportunity, making their transition more smooth.

TAPS lessons can also be used by managers, CEOs and other administrators looking to define the processes used by the business. Lessons can be simple notes about the proper way to file paperwork for the Accounting team, or it can be a multi-instance course designed to teach an advertising agency the ins-and-outs of marketing the business. The depth of the lessons is up to the person creating them and can be customized to the requirements of the situation.

Implementing large change across a massive organization is typically a slow process, but it can be sped up greatly with TAPS. With the software you can create a lesson, distribute it to all employees via their individual logins, and track if they complete the lesson, all in a matter of minutes. Through TAPS lessons, teaching the customer-service division to say “my pleasure” instead of “you're welcome” becomes a task that takes a few minutes instead of multiple days.