Policy Management


Manage, Update & Track Business Policies

Our Training and Policy System empowers businesses to manage, update and introduce new policies swiftly and effectively.
Any company using TAPS is able to quickly view and manage business policies, test for comprehension, and measure employee engagement.

How it works:

Each person in your business is given a unique user name and password to log in and access TAPS. Those without administrator privileges will see several groupings of company policies that apply to them. Depending on the requirements of the Human Resource department, employees can also be given tests on those policies from the dashboard.

Administrators and human resource managers have more control over the system. They can log in, update or add a new company policy, and send it to the entire company for review on an as-needed basis. Instead spending a day in meetings to learn about the new or updated policy, workers are able to explore the policy change details on their own time. A deadline can be assigned so that all employees know when to complete their review by. If any employees are noncompliant, TAPS notifies the administrators so they can contact the employees and remind them to review the policy changes.

TAPS policies are easy to manage and update thanks to the friendly user-interface. Even non-technical users can become acquainted with TAPS and begin managing company policies in a matter of hours.
TAPS also functions as storage for all company policies. When using TAPS, outdated policy binders are a thing of the past: all current policies are available for all employees to see online, anytime. If a worker has a question pertaining to company dress code or vacation policies, they can be directed to log in with their TAPS username and password to find the answer for themselves.

TAPS is also highly customizable. Managers can change the policies for their individual departments and notify them through the system without spamming the entire company, cutting down on cross-departmental confusion.