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Educate and Instruct Large Groups Quickly

Coordinating training across an entire business is a problem that scales with size: the more people there are, the harder it is to get them all updated. TAPS solves this problem by giving administrators the power to quickly instruct everyone without spending days scheduling meetings, finding space and working around hundreds of different schedules. This is especially useful when working with very large groups, groups distributed across multiple geographic locations, or groups with very diverse schedules.

TAPS lessons are particularly useful for organizations that rely heavily on volunteers. Since a typical volunteer's hours will vary wildly, finding a time to meet and give a two hour presentation on safety can be a challenge. With TAPS, a standardized lesson can be offered with the click of a button, and the volunteer is able to take it at their leisure.

Once an administrator sets up a lesson in TAPS, they can send it out to every employee or volunteer simultaneously and then re-use it as often as needed. The recipients are given a set amount of time to view the lesson and take whatever quiz comes with it. Administrators can monitor the time the test was taken, the score on the quiz, and any other pertinent information in the TAPS dashboard.

TAPS allows lessons to include photos and videos, which lend themselves better to teaching technical processes like hardware installation or forklift operating protocol. Combine a video lesson with a few yes/no questions at the end of a test and any employee can be trained quickly and effectively on the basics. From that solid foundation they can go on to teach themselves the rest of the process, learning as they work.